AB 2260 Compliance

Are you AB 2260 Compliant?

In the wake of the recently signed California Assembly Bill 2260 (AB 2260), WIS stands at the forefront as your reliable partner in California Health and Safety Code 19305-19310 (code that AB 2260 turned into) Compliance. We are here to steer you smoothly through the new norms established in the Health and Safety code, offering you a suite of services that range from AB 2260 Compliance Services to being a trusted Trauma Kit Supplier in California.

Your Compliance Specialist for California Health and Safety Code 19305-19310

Meeting the new standards mandated by AB 2260 doesn't have to be overwhelming. At WIS, we specialize in compliant trauma kits as well as training , making the safety and well-being of your property occupants our top priority. With our experienced guidance, navigating the requirements of the CA Health and Safety Code 19305-19310 becomes a seamless process.

Our Services Include

1. Compliant Trauma Kits– Your trusted supplier of trauma kits that are fully equipped with essentials as mandated under section 19305 of the California Health and Safety Code 19305-19310.

2. Stop the Bleed Training – Offering essential training sessions, aligned with programs developed by eminent bodies such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma, to foster a culture of readiness and safety in California.

We cater to all businesses and facilities including but limited to:
- Group A assembly buildings with an occupancy of 300 or more
- Group B business buildings welcoming 200 or more occupants
- Group E educational buildings accommodating 200 or more individuals
- And other groups, as specified under the CA Health and Safety Code 19305-19310, ensuring a comprehensive approach to safety and compliance in California.

Our dedicated team at WIS is here to facilitate a smooth transition towards complete compliance, ensuring the safety measures in your property are up to par, complemented with regular inspections and annual training programs for occupants.

Ready to get started?

Please let us know what type of building you have, your occupancy, and what services you are interested in. 

To read AB 2260 (California Health and Safety Code 19305-19310) click here.

AB 2260 Compliance