Law Enforcement Bleeding Control Training


Why is this training vital for Law Enforcement?

The Stop The Bleed® program was created in response to a pressing need for immediate, on-site care for bleeding victims. As law enforcement officers, you often find yourselves in situations where every second counts. The number one cause of preventable death after an injury is bleeding, and rapid intervention is essential. With an average ambulance response time across the U.S. of 7 minutes, our training empowers you to act in time to save lives.

What We Offer:

We've tailored our course to meet the unique demands of law enforcement in the Southern California region. Our class equips you with essential skills to prevent avoidable deaths on the job:

- Scene Safety: Handling and securing a scene to prevent further injury.
- Personal Protective Equipment Use: Understanding how to use equipment for your safety.
- Hands On Practice: Death By PowerPoint is REAL. To counter this, we prioritize hands on skills so you ACTUALLY USE tourniquets, pack wounds with gauze, and chest seals, including self-application techniques.
- Specialized Techniques: Including bandaging challenging areas, Improvised Junctional Tourniquets and understanding why hypothermia is a risk, even on hot days, and how to prevent it.

- Reviewing IFAKS: We’ve stopped countless people from “relying” on dangerous Chinese Amazon knockoff IFAKS by having users open and actually pull out all gear in IFAK. We have found many people have no idea what is inside of kit and where it’s located.   

How Does It Differ From Typical First Aid/Stop The Bleed Classes?

While standard courses might touch on bleeding control, we dedicate 3-4 hours exclusively to Stop The Bleed® principles. As officers who face critical situations daily, wouldn't you want your training to prioritize the skills most likely to save lives?

As the ancient Greek poet Archilochus said, "we don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training." This is the core philosophy behind What if Survival.

Unique Simulations

Our course includes bone-in, pork shoulders – the closest approximation to human anatomy available, that we shoot with a variety of different calibers (Usually 9mm fmj, 9mm HP and 5.56 fmj). This hands-on experience sets us apart and ensures our training is directly applicable to real-life law enforcement scenarios.


We've developed our course with the law enforcement community in mind, making it accessible, affordable, and uniquely tailored to your needs:

Pricing: For Orange County locations or those traveling to us in Lake Forest, CA, the rate is $150.00 per student. If you want us to come to your department or agency outside of Orange County, there will be a travel fee depending on distance.  To schedule your departments training date or for a quote, please email us at


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