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Reliable fire-starting tools are essential for any outdoor adventure, and today I am excited to bring you a comparative review of two well-known matches in the market - the UCO Titan Stormproof Matches and Coleman Waterproof Camp Matches. The TestTo provide a fair and unbiased comparison, we conducted a direct head-to-head experiment. We struck each match and then dunked it into a small bowl of water - a straightforward yet revealing test to measure each match's resilience and practicality in real-world outdoor conditions.The ResultsOur testing yielded some clear distinctions. The Coleman matches, while marketed as 'waterproof', were disappointing. They frequently...

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Wildfires burn in British Columbia in this aerial photo released by the BC Wildfire Service on June 9. Xinhua/Shutterstock As our world continues to grapple with the climate crisis, the incidence of extreme weather events and natural disasters is unfortunately on the rise. Wildfires, in particular, are causing increasing concern, especially in areas like California, which has been hit by numerous large and destructive fires over the past decade. Therefore, understanding wildfire preparedness is critical. In light of this increasing threat, it's necessary to provide actionable steps to stay safe, heed evacuation notices, understand where to find information, and more.The...

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